Holiday Driving Tips: Surviving the Road This Winter

Winter Travel

Travelling home for the holidays isn’t always a breeze, especially with cooler temperatures and busy traffic abounding. To ease the stress of the season, keep these holiday driving tips in mind, from maintenance advice to emergency preparedness. You can also improve driving habits to help you travel safely this time of year.

According to AAA, one of the most important things to remember is that your vehicle should be properly maintained during winter. Change the oil, check the tire pressure, and top off any fluids if necessary. While there’s less of a chance that we’ll see snow and ice in Texas than in other parts of the country, it’s still important to prepare for the worst by making sure the tires aren’t worn.

Stick to the speed limit to ensure you get better fuel economy and take precautions to avoid bumping into other cars. It’s smart to leave before busy times of the day. Consider leaving an hour earlier than you normally would to avoid heavy traffic, and avoid driving on December 24 and December 31 altogether if possible.

Pack a roadside emergency kit to keep in your car. Stock it with water, a spare gas can, and a first aid kit. AAA suggests that you sign up for an emergency roadside service in case you lock your keys in the car, get a flat, or need towing.

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How to Throw a Costume Party This Halloween

There are a number of activities that come to mind when fall approaches. If you’re a fan of Halloween, you might already have your sights set on a spooky gathering. With a few tips and tricks, you can throw a costume party with memories so good they will haunt you until next fall.


You can spend a lot of money on Halloween decorations like fancy lights and scary skeletons that jump out at you when you walk by. But it’s possible to do decorations on a budget, too. Consider buying some candles and colored light bulbs to set a dark mood. Cut out bats and spiders from black construction paper to decorate walls and ceilings, and look for inexpensive tablecloths, dishes, and utensils in black.

Costume Contest

The more elaborate the costumes, the more fun the costume party. Encourage your guests to go all out by organizing a costume contest with prizes like scary movies or bags of Halloween candy.


You can’t have a Halloween party without some creepy tunes. You’ll find plenty of premade playlists on music streaming services, or you can craft your own collection of classics like “Monster Mash” and soundtracks from horror movies.


You can’t go wrong with most foods, but it’s always good to include some fall favorites guests like caramel apples and pumpkin-centric items. If you’re throwing you party on a budget, provide a main course and asks guests to bring sides, drinks, and treats.

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